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West Warwick Police Department Issues Tough Reminder to Public: 

Click It or Ticket!


For anyone who complains about getting a ticket for not buckling up when driving or riding in a motor vehicle, here's a crash course in reality from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • 41,059 people were killed on America's roadways in 2007.

  • Over 14,000 passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2007 were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the fatal crash.

  • In 2007, nearly 2.5 million people were injured in crashes.

  • Motor vehicle crashes cost the U.S. economy an estimated $230.6 billion every single year.

While those may sound like just statistics, those of us at the West Warwick Police Department know from personal experience that those numbers are the actual faces of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles and friends right here in West Warwick. We tell too many families about losses that may have been prevented had a loved one only worn a seat belt.

This goes to the heart of West Warwick Police Department's mission to protect the public.  That is why we have joined with thousands of other state and local law enforcement and highway safety agencies nationwide to announce support for the 2010 national Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement mobilization, which starts in May.

The good news is we have seen unprecedented numbers of motorists buckling up over the past several years.  Seat belts can be credited with saving more than 15,000 lives in 2007 alone.  Thanks in part to high-visibility enforcement campaigns like Click It or Ticket, this has led to an all-time high observed national seat belt usage rate of 83 percent in 2008, a 25-percent increase over the past 14 years. But the tragic reality is that in our community there are still a large percent of the public convinced that they don't need seat belts.

People often ask, "Aren't there more serious criminals on the street other than those who simply are not buckling up?  They're not hurting anyone but themselves."

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To the contrary, the people who choose to disobey the law by not wearing their seat belts are taking a chance with not only their lives, but the emotional and financial health of their families, friends and our community. 

Death may be the ultimate consequence for not wearing a seat belt, but even for those who escape a fatal crash, the economic costs of injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes are staggering.  Every year motor vehicle crashes cost our country an estimated $230.6 billion.  That equals more than $800 per person per year!

Yes, this is a national problem, but law enforcement and first responders see the local faces at too many crash scenes. So, it begins right here in West Warwick.  Law enforcement will be out in force to show our dedication to solving this problem. We want 100 percent of motorists to buckle up.  Buckling up costs you nothing, but the costs of NOT buckling up may be a ticket, or worse, your life. Treat this as a tough and potentially life-saving reminder:  Click It or Ticket! 



The mission of the West Warwick Police Department's traffic services program is to promote the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and deliver traffic-related services designed to reduce the number of traffic collisions. The Department's Uniform Division enforces traffic laws in a consistent and courteous manner to foster a positive public image, while providing all necessary traffic-related services. 

The Department enjoys a close, effective working relationship with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and the State Traffic Commission. Additionally, the Department works hand-in-hand with the Town Department of Public Works and is represented on the Town Traffic Commission, a committee which handles complaints and suggestions concerning traffic control devices, (i.e. stop signs, traffic signals, etc.) parking regulations, and deficiencies in the Town�s roadways. These relationships promote close coordination and cooperation, which are essential to the maintenance of a safe and effective highway system. 

The Department assists disabled motorists and investigates over 1,000 traffic collisions per year. The Department actively participates in regional and national programs that specifically target speeding, drunk-drivers, aggressive drivers, and motorists not wearing their safety belts.

The Department encourages the community to express their concerns regarding traffic problems. We direct much of our attention to locations where residents feel that the vehicular traffic poses a safety concern.


          Accident Reports        

            Accident Reports are available to be picked up at the Records window five (5) business days after the incident.  Records is open from 8 am until Noon, and 1 pm until 4 pm., Monday through Friday.  To contact Records, please call (401) 827-9009.   The cost is $1.05 per report when picked up in person at the police department.


To get a copy online, go to  The cost is $10.00 per report.


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