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Bureau of
Criminal Investigation
BCI Detective Joseph Souliere
(401) 827-9010



The West Warwick Police Department's Bureau of Criminal Investigation is responsible for collecting physical evidence from crime scenes such as recovering latent fingerprints and palm prints, foot, tool, and tire impressions.  The BCI Detective also photographs crime or accident scenes, prepares sketches of crime scenes, processes seized items for evidentiary value and submits evidence to the Rhode Island State Crime Lab and/or the Office of the State Medical Examiner.   In addition to physical evidence, the BCI Detective also collects and maintains the ever growing "digital evidence" such as surveillance video and cell phone extractions.  The BCI Detective attends the Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences 101 and 102 - Criminal Investigations at the University of Rhode Island, as well as various other trainings throughout the year to continually update better Crime Scene Processing techniques.

The BCI Detective also doubles as the Property and Evidence Officer for the West Warwick Police Department, maintaining the chain of custody of evidence seized during an investigation or held for safe keeping. 

Please call the BCI Detective to schedule the return of any of your property that may be held at the West Warwick Police Department.

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