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 Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is considered the backbone of the police department. Patrol personnel are the first responders to most calls for service and emergency situations.  The nature of these incidents varies widely.  The calls range from animal control problems, citizen disputes, business and residential alarms, traffic crashes, and missing person complaints; to complaints of domestic violence, thefts, robberies and burglaries.  Patrol Officers are assigned to different districts or beats throughout the Town from which they patrol and respond to calls on a 24 hour basis.  

The Patrol Division provides continuous patrols, performs a variety of community services, and acts as a first response to all incidents and emergencies. The officers conduct preliminary criminal investigations, investigate traffic collisions, and enforce federal laws, state laws, and local ordinances.   Patrol Officers and civilian employees operate under the command of the Officer-in-Charge on the shift to which they are assigned.  The Patrol Division operates under the command of the Patrol Major, who is responsible for the supervision of uniformed officers, and who reports to the Police Chief on all significant matters.  The Patrol Division also employs civilian employees for police dispatching duties.

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