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 Prosecution Division




The Prosecution Division is responsible for preparing and prosecuting criminal cases for the West Warwick Police Department.  After an arrest is made by either the Patrol or Detective Division, the cases are then presented in either the RI Traffic Tribunal, Municipal Court, Family Court, District Court or Superior Court.  The sworn police personnel of this division initially present court complaints and conduct initial arraignments within the respective courts.

The Division is comprised of a Major who oversees and supervises a Detective Sergeant and one Detective.  These sworn officers are assisted by a civilian administrative assistant who helps with the daily responsibilities necessary to properly and efficiently work professionally with the RI Judicial System.

The Detective Sergeant assigned to this division also oversees all sex offender registrations, notifications and compliance checks.

The Detective assigned to this division also handles the RI Traffic Tribunal case work as well as the investigations into fraudulent check cases in West Warwick.   

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